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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  January 27, 2017 12:30pm-1:01pm EST

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capital to share their message against abortion. we have the latest coming up. and it went missing for decades but a class ring with a special meeting made it ways back home. and a local family owned business continues their work to hand make artisan pasta and much more. and now the details from the national mall. filled with abortion opponents this hour. taking part in the annual march for life. lets take a live look from washington now. there we go, a number of people up there at the podium. various religions from all over the country here. to show their support, to protest against abortion and vice president mike pence addressed the marchers, the first time that a sitting vice president has done so in person. >> thank you -- >> several students and staff from catholic high schools are also in washington taking part
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in the march and left from little flower high school for girls in hunting park this morning. there are 3,000 people from the philadelphia archdiocese who signed up to go. >> we hope going down there will inspire people to know it's not right for them to kill the children. kids have right like us, even though they are unborn, everyone has rights. >> lets go back live now to the nation's capital. >> reporter: hi there rick, just like in philadelphia it's a blustery day here in washington, d.c., but that has not deterred the marchers and president trump tweeted out they have his full support but he is not expected to be here and they are an excited crowd none the else. >> the morning started in prayer for thousands of marchers. >> we are here for sad circumstances to protest the strategy that is abortion.
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>> the pro march for life taking place hoper not large of the atennance in their 40 year history. this woman drove all night to be here. >> it's our duty to stand up for truth and life. >> opponents are buoyed by the trump administration. after an executive order -- >> a long standing policy to ensure that taxpayer dollars do not fund abortion services overseas. >> deborah wood that run a woman's clinic in north carolina that seeks to provide alternatives to abortions. >> just like last week with the womens march it was about being heard and i think that is about what it's about. saying hey look, there are a lot of us here that value life and think it's important. >> but minority leader nancy
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pelosi cautions it will not be rolled back without a fight. i am a catholic and six children, they are making it more dangerous so people can't spend their own dollars in the exchanges to have access to reproductive rights. >> and the march could make their way here a symbolic location from the supreme court. and according to the poll 69% of americans are opposed to overturning roe v. wade. back to you rick. >> thank you. while the march for life continues in washington, president trump continues to hammer mexico over trade and border security. the president wrote on twitter, that mexico took advantage of the u.s. for long enough. and mexico's president canceled an upcoming visit and trump started an order jump starting
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the border wall as promised and president trump is meeting with british prime minister, theresa may at the white house as we speak. and the joint news conference is expected to happen at 1:00. the british prime minister is the first foreign minister to meet with president trump. she laid a wreath this morning at the tomb of the unknown soldier as part of her official visit. and the district attorney filed charges in connection with the deadly stabbing in hamilton. the victim has been identified at hector roman. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. newcastle county police made an arrest in the murder of a 25-year-old woman yesterday. investigators say that i jerry
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blank enship turned himself into police. the victim identify as jacqueline englishman suffered a gunshot wound and he is being held on more than a million dollars bail. a philadelphia police officer suffered injuries to his back and neck when his cruiser collided with another car, the scene just before 2:30 this morning at 6th street and listed in stable condition. no word yet on whether the driver of a vehicle was hurt or what caused the collision. >> turning now to your friday forecast and the week ahead. the sun is shining and also kind of windy. meteorologist, melissa magee, is at the big board with the details from accuweather. >> we have a game of peekaboo with the clouds and sunshine. we have sun earlier today and now the clouds are starting to reign supreme because of the
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winds, the current temperature is 43 and flip the numbers around and get the windchill number just 34 in the city and chilly outside this afternoon and 29 in lancaster and the current chill in the poconos in at 19 feels like 37 in atlantic city and 36 degrees in dover, the winds right now sustained from 13 miles per hour in trenton, 20 for philadelphia and millville and a sustained wind speed of 1-miles per hour in allentown and we have higher gusts anywhere from 30 to 35 miles per hour. as we go throughout the rest of the afternoon. 2:00 this afternoon 44 degrees with clouds and sun and 4:00 p.m. we are in the lower 40s and 6:00, 40s. and here is stormtracker 6 live double scan you'll notice lake-effect snow showers down wind of the lakes and that is helping to reenforce the chill we are dealing with across the area and also lake-effect
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flurries are possible. in the northwest suburbs, as we go throughout the weekend the call is looking like this. 41 degrees and brisk and killy and sunday 40 degrees and seasonable conditions, the seasonable weather returns in time for the weekend and we'll take a look with the full accuweather forecast. >> thank you melissa. as always we invite you to stay with through the weekend as cooler temperatures return. you'll find everything you need to know weather wise as you make your outdoor plans, and follow our meteorologists on facebook and twitter for updates as well. >> in other news philadelphia's please touch museum is looking to the future and museum leaders announced the strategic vision this morning. the president and ceo says the group will focus on early childhood development and still creating a fun and magical experience. >> we want to make sure for decades to come please touch museum is a beloved and valued
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institution in the city. and we want to be part of creating a vibrant community and the families and businesses arts cultures and education, we want to be a part of it all. >> today's announcements comes a year after the please touch museum exited bankruptcy and they are work on a multiyear exhibition plan to carry out the new mission. a class ring missing for decades finally made its way back to the rightful owners, army sergeant edward dodds lost his ring serving in the second world war and a farmer in new guinea apparently found it and showed it to an australian lecturer whose niece lives in new jersey. and realized it was dodds. they joked because the middle initial was wrong. >> i vaguely remember him saying
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it had the wrong initials any way. it wasn't something he didn't dwell on the loss. the ceremony honored don's service and those that helped to bring the family treasure home. all eyes are watching as the williams sisters serena and venus square off for the women's championship in australia. >> and a local business that is still family run and offering up delicious and homemade hand crafted products.
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the man accused of killing five people inside of a fort lard airport is facing the death penalty prosecutors say he pulled out a handgun and aimed at his victims head and bodies until he ran out of ammo and two people with ties to our area were among the viction tims and he told fbi agents he carried
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out the attack in the name of isis. and the fbi is offering a $10,000 reward on the mysterious murder of an american woman in belize. ann swaggy died and was found in the river, and determined she was strangled. the group returned she was gone. and the fbi believes that more than one person may have been involved in her murder. >> it's a special stamp for a special artist. britain's royal mail says they will release 10 stamps to honor the late great, david bowie, calling him one of the most influential figures of all times and the first time they honored one music on a stamp and some feature his best known album
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covers? >> he would have turned 70 this year. you can call it a sister showdown with a lot of love. venus and serena williams will face off tonight in the title match at the australia open this evening. what is on the line for the sing lings. >> venus williams aced her way into tennis history -- defeating fellow american in a grueling three set battle. to become the oldest australian open finalist of all times. >> no need to contain the joy. >> the only one that can steal the thunder down under is her sister serena, who at age 35 had straight set victories. >> nobody has beaten me as much as venus has. she is my world and my life.
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>> she was diagnosed with a career illness. >> everybody has a moment in the sun, i would like to keep that going. i got nothing else to do. >> the sisters went first head to head at the australian 19 years ago and venus won that match but sin then serena has a 16-11 all time advantage. the last time they took each other on it was wimbledon in 2009. >> it is hers! >> if serena wins it will be her 23 grand lam title. the most of any woman in the opener ra, but can she pull out another victory over the sister she loves so much. >> i feel like no matter what happens we won. a williams will win this tournament. back here the sixers who have won five of think of last six host the houston rockets in south philadelphia and fans everywhere are outraged after
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a wisconsin teenager is turning heads in his neighborhood and beyond with his unique way to shovel snow. tanner says he thought of using his hover board to make the job more fun but video of doing the hover plow was posted online and quickly went viral sparking clicks around the world and tanner says it only works best in an inch or two of light snow. >> it looks like fun but he can have that. >> i don't even want the snow forget about the hover. it looks like dry conditions today and could be flurries north and west and here is stormtracker 6 live double scan radar, it's dry right now across
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the delaware and lehigh valleys, no issue with precipitation we'll show you the picture outside. sky 6 hd from our city howl hall cameras, looking out at people out and about this afternoon. look at the sky we have clouds and sunshine across the region, we have the blustery winds coming on in and the clouds kind of playing a game of peekaboo with the sunshine at this hour. the temperature in philadelphia 43 and the dew point 21. the pressure is 29.73 and it's on the rise and the winds out of the the westerly direction and matching the air temperature of 23, north and west upper 30s and 36 for tannersville and slatington and fleet wood and saint davids 41 and out to the west in coatesville 40 and 39 in oxford. down in new jersey you have the lower 40s in the region. 43 in ewing and 41 in dover and 41 in hockessin.
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the wins are quite blustery that is what you'll notice from you outside this afternoon. air temperatures are in the lower 40s but factor in the wind and teens in the poconos. the gusts are 30 miles per hour in millville and a gust of 32 miles per hour in lancaster, gusting as high as 28 miles per hour in the poconos and 25 miles per hour there in atlanta city. here is part of the reason why the winds are strong and a fair amount of cloud cover moving on through. and strong winds down by the lakes, because of the blustery winds enforcing the cold air and with the winds on the move from a westerly direction and there could be flurries in the northwest suburbs in the lehigh valley valley today. the call from accuweather sunshine and clouds and high temperatures in the middle to upper 40s and we have gusts 30 to 35 miles per hour. and overnight tonight it's brisk and cold and we'll bottom out at 30 degrees in philadelphia with
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that westerly bind at wind at 16 miles per hour. the cold air sets in by 11:00 p.m. and we are in the 30s in most locations but the 20s up in the poconos, you wake up tomorrow morning 8:00, it's 33 in the city and 31 in allentown and 35 in wildwood. by noon tomorrow most locations upper 30s and lower 40s and a reality check on the way tomorrow as the seasonable air returns in time for the weekend. it's not a bad weekend and it won't be cloudy and wet like last weekend. high temperatures if the 40s and still brisk and chilly tomorrow and 41 and closer to normal on sunday partly sunny and a high of 40 and late sunday into monday there could be a dumb couple of flurries. and a climmer next thursday groundhog day partly sunny and 30s. if you love pressure pasta
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you may be familiar with the name severino. as alicia vitarelli the worker are still using techniques straight from italy. >> at the pasta company, workers hand make more than 500 kinds of avert artisan, pasta. they just opened their first restaurant at the whole foods. >> how does it feel to see your pasta products all over the country? >> fantastic. >> it gives you a feeling of what we accomplishes. >> to appreciate it how far they have come is to see where they started. >> 1971, they started the company in a 900 square foot garage. >> my dad started with one machine. >> how many times of pasta?
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>> we could do spaghetti and hand made rav olies. >> and running the business was an all hands on deck. >> i imagine growing up with mom and dad making pasta it was in your dna. >> peters is the youngest and carla the middle child. >> mom was unbelievableable at cooking. >> mom and pop actually met here in the united states. he was actually selling shoes in philadelphia on chestnut street and he had a hard time and they moved back to rome. >> there joseph did a pasta making apprenticeship. and the family came back to the states to give it a go. >> this happened to be the machines i brought from italy. >> as the business grew joseph build a new facility and it's the home they remain in. it's the american dream. the secret is good staff, good
12:53 pm
service and history of hand made traditions. >> people come in and want you to make dinner. >> people come in and say i lied. i said i made it sorry. >> now that the kids are grown and mom and dad are in their 80s the second generation has taken of. >> my father stopped here to make sure i'm working every day. >> absolutely. >> that looked delicious. thank you alicia. meanwhile the pennsylvania convention center is transformed into the most exclusive parking lot. the car show kicked off tomorrow. 700 vehicles on display from more than 40 manufacturers and new this year vehicles from hollywood and the show partnered with the boy scouts and girl scouts for the first time ever. to participate in that you must preregister. you can tune in to 6 abc tomorrow night for the one hour
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preview of the philadelphia auto show. and we go take you to the showcase at the pennsylvania convention center tomorrow night at 7:00 on 6 abc.
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meteorologist, melissa magee is a final check of the forecast for you. >> it's chilly outside we'll show you the forecast and clouds and pockets of sunshine and windy and chilly and we have binds gusting from 302035 miles per hour and it feels much colder. air temperatures maxing out in the 40s and windchills are in the 30s and seasonable air returns for the weekend strkts but we are dry. >> thank you. a look at stories coming up on "action news" at 4:00 there areself rescue attempts to rescue an exotic bird and see how the community is helping in the rescue.
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and shuts down stores in the delaware valley we'll have details today at 4:00. don't forget to join us for "action news" at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. for meteorologist melissa magee, david murphy, sara bloomquist and the entire "action news" team i'm rick williams, we'll see you later. where things come from?
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